When the Lions Drink... at Factory Junction, 8 June 2013

Dear followers,

Bad Host will be showing When the Lions Drink... as part of an exciting double bill with Canary Collective at Factory Junction on 8 June at 7:30pm.


This is an exciting time and we're up to some very exciting things... Not the least of which is the re-launch of When the Lions Drink..., an immersive tale of London drowning.  After having spent some time developing this show at Battersea Arts Centre in 2012, we're now dusting off the Bad Host buoys and strapping on our wellies.  It's time to get wet. 

We'd love for you to join us on 8 June.  Come have a drink, see some exciting new work, and tell us how we're getting on with all of it.  The best news? Admission is FREE, and libations are by donation. But best to note that space is limited, so if you plan on attending, email claire@ayatheatre.com quick-sharpish to reserve a place.

So let's get merry.  Merry and wet.

Photo update! 'Occupied' at 555 Festival

A few production stills of Occupied at Broadway Barking's 555 Weekend in March. 

Photos by Rosalind Butt.