Occupied Brighton Wall of Fame, Part 3

…and now the third and final part of our Occupied Brighton wall of fame!

All thanks go to the lovely Abby Butcher (deserving of the top position on the wall) and the team at Basement. We learned a lot from reworking Occupied into a nimble and portable show which packs the same punch it did back in July.

The process drew from our experience making two versions of When the Lions Drink for the BAC - looking at our core material from fresh perspectives, improvising and iterating, and sometimes having to let go of old favourites! It was an invaluable opportunity to sharpen our skills, and an absolute pleasure to share the result with so many lovely smiley people!

As for the future, we are really excited about where our toilet adventure will take us next! There is something in the works, and we can’t wait to share the news with you sometime soon.

Until then, do stay in touch! We love to talk and we have a Twitter and a Facebook Page to do so with style. Tell us about your experience of one of our shows, or recommend a place where you’d like us to invade the toilets!

Much Love,

Anne, Cat, Chelsea, Helled, Lucy, and Paul.