I’ve been looking into ways of making sound using chance and automation (John Cage is a huge influence). For one of the upcoming scenes I need to create a heavy amount of cuts, edits, splices, repeats and stammers - something which takes ages by hand.

I’ve stumbled across this brilliant piece of software called Automaton, which uses cellular automata to trigger modulations, repeats and other effects. Imagine you had a Petri dish with a culture bacteria, and your audio responded to the movements and patterns they made - that’s what is being modelled digitally in Automaton. It’s very interesting stuff, as it can take ‘hands off’ sound design to a whole new level - not where you roll a dice and go with the answer, but where the audio creates different outcomes every beat.

This is a quick same I made to experiment with the software. It’s a little looped improv with Automata running over the top.