Occupied Phase 2

I sit and I wait nervously for the audience member to come in. I am sat on the floor in position, sunglasses pulled down. The audience member comes in, my stomach tightens worrying that the sound won’t start early enough and someone might try and enter the cubicles. Once Cats voice has introduced the piece I fall/flop out of my entranceway and sing my version of the pina colada song.

My world consists of a light bulb, a dirty toilet, two rusty taps and a hand drawn map of the world on a boarded up window. Its not the Caribbean beach that I have promised. I ask if they have ever seen a more perfect sunset and motion towards the light bulb hanging above the toilet. At this point some are confused but quickly get the idea that we are in a fantasy. If the sunset isn’t enough I then offer them any drink in the world but give them an empty cup with a pink umbrella shoved in it. I hope that this has secured the idea that the world is one of imagination and play and not to be taken too seriously.

I ask, “If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?” Japan, Iceland, Vietnam, Cambodia, California, Australia, Russia, Peru… And off we go, by what means of transport? Mine is always the same, by horse of course, or should I say hornless unicorn?

I want to go to theatre on Broadway, I want to go shopping in Milan, I want to go to a ball in Vienna. I ask “will you waltz with me in Vienna?” I’m nervous that they will say no, some hesitate but they all dance with me. And we move together in the imagined ball room with its three chandeliers and clumsy waiters. And it’s fun and we smile.

I’m not a horse, I’m a hornless unicorn!