Sleep is Death

The team are looking into new ways to take an audience on an extraordinary journey. Spinning a living, breathing world around the audience, and give them agency within it.

Our shows take months of planning and weeks of rehearsal. What if you only had 30 seconds?

Sleep is Death by Jason Rohrer is a storytelling videogame for two. One person is the ‘player’, and the other is the ‘controller’. In short, the controller weaves the world, characters, objects and story around the player’s choices in 30-second turns. Essentially, anything and everything can happen. When the two players are happy the story is over, they both get a copy of the story to keep.

Here’s an example that explains the game.

Often, the stories quickly descend into chaos, a growing collection of hilarious and remarkable playthroughs is available to watch online. If you took a more concerted approach to the system, and applied some storytelling and theatre technique, there could be amazing experiences which would take a budget of millions to achieve in the flesh.

There’s a lot of augmented reality technology in the theatre right now. What’s interesting about Sleep is Death is that it does the reverse - it takes technology and makes it more human. We could recreate the entirety of Occupied in an online experience, the role of controller swapped between Lucy, Heledd and Anne. Thinking bigger, with the tools to craft entire worlds around players’ responses, we could do anything we imagine. For theatre makers, that’s an exciting prospect.