An emerging theatre company who place audiences at the heart of unique theatrical experiences.

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Our theatre examines scenarios that forge unusual human connections in contemporary life, and augments compelling themes and situations by taking them to surreal extremes.

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We create work collaboratively using a mix of new writing, devising, and playful improvisation.

Occupied is inspired by confessions and graffiti found in the most private of public places, Audience are invited to a series of one-­on-­one encounters with three mysterious strangers ­- in the ladies’ toilets.

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Swines s an interactive performance (in development) in which audiences compete for their dream job. It explores capitalist culture through the lenses of extreme austerity and the British gameshow craze.



When the Lions Drink... is an experiential theatre piece that imagines London in the wake of a catastrophic flood. It explores how we cope with disaster, how mundane objects become tools for survival, and the surreal limbo between living and dying. A a sensory journey rife with myth, sea shanties, and storytelling.

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