When the Lions Drink...

“When the lions drink, London will sink. When it’s up to their manes, we’ll go down the drains. When the water is sucked, you can be sure we’re all...”

When the Lions Drink... imagines London in the wake of a catastrophic flood, survived by its soaked inhabitants and haunted by watery ghosts. It explores how we cope with disaster, how mundane objects become tools for survival, and the surreal limbo between living and dying. Told through macabre poetry, sea shanties, and audience interaction, When the Lions Drink... will immerse its audience in a sensory, theatrical storytelling experience.  Follow our characters on a journey to discover what happened when the water came, and why they seem to be forever stuck in the sediment. 


When the Lions Drink... has been developed and scratched at Battersea Arts Centre (October 2011, February 2012, September 2012), at The Old Fire Station in Oxford (May 2013) and at Factory Junction in Wandsworth (June 2013).  It is currently undergoing the final stages of R&D, and will premiere as a finished show in 2014.  Watch this space.

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