50 real minutes of theatrical biscuits, bingo and arm-wrestling. 

On your marks - get set - go! Climb that ladder, reach for the stars, follow your dreams! You can be anything you want to be. Let Bad Host Entertainment* make it easy for you.

Swines is a satirical performance inspired by Britain's game show/talent show culture and the current eco-political climate. In a future not so difficult to imagine competition is entertainment, experience is irrelevant and if you don’t fit in the box you don’t stand a chance.

A playfully absurd performance which asks: how much control do we really have over our futures?


Be anything you want to be.


Swines was first developed at The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford in 2012.  It recently scratched at Stoke Newington International Airport (March 2013).  Swines was shown at The Roundhouse in May 2013 as part of the  Accidental Festival


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